'lol' Tip Tube Activated Carbon Filters

PU 1x150pcs

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Weight: 0.26 kg

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Material: Activated Carbon
Length: 35mm
Diameter: 8mm
Quality: 100% Chlorine-free
Info: PU 1x150pcs


'lol' 'Tip Tube' Active Carbon Filter - Smoking weed is fun, but unfortunately, like so much fun stuff, fraught with unpleasant, health damaging side-effects. Here comes the 'Tip Tube':

Made in Germany from natural raw materials, almost entirely free of plastics of any kind - thus contributing not only to the health of the smoker but also to the protection of the environment.

'lol' 'Tip Tubes' contain no hazardous or non-decomposable compounds and can be easily disposed of with household waste. The two ceramic caps are not only environmentally friendly: they prevent unwanted & harmful compounds from going in to the smoke, as with some other product - a nice touch that gives you peace of mind when in use. No one needs to take notice! ;-)

The 'Tip Tube' filter is made of high-quality, purified activate carbon which cleans unwanted substances from the smoke. Desired compounds can flow freely and lead to a cool and pleasant smoking experience.'Tip Tube' - less toxic, better smoke...
Made in Germany

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Brand LOL