'Magic-Flight' EU 2 Pin Adapter 2.0


Weight: 0.46 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Wood
Color: nature
Height: 22mm
Diameter: 35mm


The 'Magic-Flight' Power Adapter 2.0 replaces your dependancy on batteries for an inexhaustible power supply - when plugged in, at home or in your car, with the included 12 Volt car cigarette lighter adapter. It delivers the steady power required for perfect and consistent sessions with your 'Launch-Box' vaporizer.

The integrated power dial allows you to control your vaporising experience by letting you use your 'Magic-Flight' with a wide variety of temperature settings..

The 'Magic-Flight' EU-Adapter 2.0 is hand crafted from Maple wood that has been cut, sanded, and stained by the talented artisans at Magic-Flight. The slimmer, sleeker, and lighter-weight design also features a unique sacred geometry laser etching, and a new aphorism to ponder and explore.

Additional Information

Brand Magic-Flight
Device size S-pocket
Oil yes
Plug EU-Standard Plug
Colour N/A
Gebrauchsanleitung N/A