'Maxim' Mini Torch 2 Flames

PU 1x9pcs

SKU: SA 1019

Weight: 0.71 kg

Quick Overview

Color: different colours/transparent
Height: 78mm
Other: Refillable
Supplies: Velvet Bag
Reference: User Manual and Warranty
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Info: PU 1x9pcs in a Display
Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
Attention: Hazardous material transportation!


The 'Maxim' Mini Torch 2 Flames with elektronic ignition is a windproof lighter with double blue gas flame. Like a small bunsen burner, it has a comparatively higher burning rate than a normal lighter. The hold is also getting less hot. Refillable with butane gas.

Attention: No choice of colour possible!

Due to the danger of explosion, the lighters are not or only partly filled!

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