'My Morico' 'Naturally High' Bioactive Booster

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Other: 1pill à 550mg contains 184mg Moringa, 195mg caffeine
Info: PU 30x4pcs in a Display,
Sell-by Date 30.07.2017
Reference: Due to high caffeine content this product should not be consumed by pregnant/beastfeeding women!


'Naturally High' - the bioactive booster from 'My Morico' made in Germany. Each sachet contains four pills, and every single pill has a lot to offer: 184mg moringa extract, 183mg guarana with 12mg caffeine and 183mg plus added caffeine, so one pill contains 195mg caffeine.
The extract made of organic moringa of the oleifera tree provides over ninety valuable nutrients and vitamins, e. g. omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium, zeatin, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin e, vitamin K, and several B vitamins.
In combination with the high dose caffeine, 'Naturally High' pills can increase the attention and perseverance as a real energy booster.
Sugar free, vegan & 100% natural!

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Brand mymorico

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