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We were there again: Spannabis 2016 in Barcelona

Like every year in March, Europe's biggest Cannabis-Fair took place again underneath the sun of Spain in the exhibition halls of Fira de Cornellá. On 17.000 sqm, over 200 exhibitors presented themselves concerning the subject Cannabis and surrounding issues like grow, industrial hemp, hemp as building material and naturally everything dealing with the consumption of cannabis. 35.000 visitors and the halls were periodically heaving.
We were there with a big booth presenting a part of our popular home brands 'Black Leaf' and 'Blaze'. As fun-action at the booth: duck fishing. The (children's) game enjoyed great popularity. Instant wins at score could be seized as well as extra-tickets for the mega tombola in the evening. At this occasion, exclusive first prizes were raffled: a set consisting of our Möbius bong, a Dreampeace grinder and on top a complete kit for oil extraction from the company Dexso.
With a lot of cheerfulness, our Near Dark team has rocked the fair again this year.

Berlin's youth smokes more weed than the German average

The result of the study 'Berlin's youth and drugs' shows that with 18,4 %, the amount of adolescent consumers of cannabis in Berlin is clearly above the national average of ca. 10 %. Cannabis is the 'hippest' drug with all interviewed adolescents. Kerstin Jüngling, CEO of the Berlin Department of Addiction Prevention, attributes this to the image of the capital as 'party town' …
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Court decision in Leipzig: MS-patient is allowed to grow Cannabis

On 6th April 2016, the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig for the first time allows a heavily sickened MS-patient to grow cannabis for own usage at home. The 52-year old man has fought for this permission for 15 years. The MS-patient argued that the medicine dronabinol which is extracted from cannabis causes negative side-effects with him which he does not have when consuming cannabis. His attorney Oliver Tolmein judged this decision a big success: though it is a decision on a by-case basis, it has also affects similar cases…
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Grandma and grandpa smoke weed

According to a study conducted in Great Britain, the rate of drug consumers aged 50 to 64 years has increased tenfold since 1993. The study with the title 'Rate of illegal drug consumption of persons aged 50 years and more from two studies' is now published in the professional journal 'Age and Ageing'. Robert Stewart from King's College in London says: 'The main statement of the study is that it confirms something which has been surmised for a long time. –
In Great Britain, illegal drug consumption will increasingly
be a matter of the older generation in the coming one to two decades.
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Pizza carton with integrated hashish pipe

Fans of the cannabis drug know: the consumption of marihuana can quicken the appetite. A start-up offers help. The US enterprise 'Push For Pizza' has combined pizza and cannabis consumption. The pizza comes in a carton with integrated hashish pipe. Thereto, the young team of 'Push
For Pizza' developed an app which makes ordering pizza
dead easy.
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Extraction without danger of explosion – very simple for example with the 'rosin press' from 'Black Leaf'! With the so called 'Rosin Tech', finest oil for dabbing can be extracted from herb buds and remains completely without explosive gases and chemical solvents. You only need this 'Rosin Press': the buds are laid in baking paper and after that with a temperature of 180° C pressed as strongly as possible until the thick concentrate, the so called rosin, is extracted from the herbs. Due to the heat and the pressure, the rosin is separated from the bud material and collected on the backing paper. The process can be repeated two to three times with the same filling (depending on the potency). After cooling down, it is scraped off the backing paper (preferably with a special nonstick dabbing tool) and voilà:

Time to dab!