'Oil Black Leaf by EHLE.' 'X-trakt' Size M

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass, Plastic
Color: clear/red
Print: Oil Black Leaf by EHLE.
Length: 305mm
Diameter: 50mm
Wall Thickness: 5mm
Other: Plastic Lid with Screw Thread and Glass Frit as Outlet
Reference: User Manual in DE, EN
Info: For ca. 25-30g


The 'Oil Black Leaf by EHLE.' 'X-trakt' Size M with roll-stop is suitable for ca. 25-30g herbs of your choice which have to be extremely dry. They are filled into the 'X-trakt' which is closed with the plastic lid with screw thread and glass frit as filter. The 'X-trakt' is held ca. 5cm with the lid down above a collecting tray. A butane gas bottle is fixed to the upper opening of the 'X-trakt' and pressed until the bottle is empty. The generated liquid is filtered through the glass frit and slowly runs through the collecting tray. To speed up the evaporation of the liquid gas, the collecting tray can be placed into a hot water bath. The reusable glass frit should be washed with warm water immediately after use to ensure an always optimal filtering result.

These 'Oil Black Leaf by Ehle.' 'X-trakt' Extractors are not only suitable for the extraction with butane gas, but can also be used with 'Dexso' 'D.M.E.' Organic Solvent (Dimethylether).

Attention: Use of the 'Oil Black Leaf by EHLE' 'X-trakt' at your own risk!

Additional Information

Brand oilblackleafbyehle

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