'Oil Black Leaf' 'Conrok' Extraction Kit

PU 1Set

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Weight: 1.44 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium
Color: green
Print: Conrok Logo
Length: 230mm
Diameter: 36mm
Supplies: Silicone Plate, Box and Tool
Info: For ca. 50g Material


The 'Conrok' extraction kit from 'Black Leaf Oil' contains everything you need for the extraction of essential oils from herbs and plant remains: The 'Conrok' extractor (including emptying unit, sealing ring and screen), a plate made of silicone for further processing, a dabbing-tool made of stainless steel with silicone caps and a small silicone box in which to store the precious substances. Transport safe and inconspicuously packed in a waterproof suitcase.
The 'Conrok' extractor makes the extraction of oil uncomplicated, fast and as long as you follow the instructions of the manual, extremely safe. The three magnetically attached feet of the extractor ensure to keep both hands free. A glass plate is recommended as collecting surface. The emptying unit comes along with a loop for an easy removal of extraction residues.
This extractor is made of high-quality, anodized aluminum which is highly resistant to heat, cold and chemicals and long-lasting. The practical accessory items, such as the plate and the little box are made of food safe silicone which is heat and cold resistant up to 230° C / 446° F and non-sticky - excellent for handling sticky substances.
The butane gas from 'Black Leaf' has a very high level of purity and is therefore ideal for oil extractions, but can be used for filling lighters of course, too.
The only thing you need to start the oil extraction is about 50g dried herbs - and you are ready to go!

Design licensed by Dexso GmbH.

Attention: We recommend to equip the case for sale with a butane gas bottle!

Additional Information

Brand Oil Black Leaf
Print N/A
Colour -29 blue
Colour filterable N/A

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