'Oil Black Leaf' Essential Oil Bowl 45°

SKU: EO 004

Weight: 0.06 kg

Quick Overview

Color: various colours
Print: Oil Black Leaf
Grind: SG 14 (14.5mm)
Diameter: 45mm
Attachment: 45°
Info: Packaging Tough Plastic Gift Box


The oil bowl can turn any suitable glass bong into an aromatherapy oil vaporiser for vaporizing oil and other liquid essences. It has with 45° angled stem for suitable bongs and allows liquid from Hash oil and other essential oils, to evaporate before being inhaled. It is equipped with 6 large vapour inlets in the inner bowl which has a contrasting colour green, and the surface has multiple holes to let the vapour through. With its attractive packaging this glass fitting is an ideal gift. The vapor bowl has a 14.5mm sure ground glass joint. If you need to fit it to an SG 19 connection, order the adapter No.: 08 18 02 as well.

Attention: The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.

More information about smoking oil or essence you will find at this infopage.

Additional Information

Material Glass
Standard grinding SG 14 (14,5mm)
Brand Oil Black Leaf

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