'Oil Black Leaf' Rosin Press white

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Quick Overview

Material: Plates with Brasilian Ceratin Coating
Color: white
Size: Press: 290x45x40mm
Plates: 91x39mm
Power: EU-Standard Power Plug, 110 - 240V
Other: Stepless Temperature Regulation
from 50° C - 243° C (122° F - 470° F)
LED Temperature Display
Reference: User Manual in de, en
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Extraction without the danger of explosion - quite simple with the 'Oil Black Leaf' Rosin Press! With the so-called Rosin Tech finest oil for dabbing can be produced from herbal blossoms and leftovers residue, without explosive gases and chemical solvents. One need just this flat iron from 'Oil Black Leaf', it is quite simple: Place the buds in baking paper and, afterwards, press them as much as possible at a temperature of 150° C/ 180° C, until a thick concentrate drips from the herbs, the so-called Rosin. After it has cooled down, you scratch it from the baking paper (we recommend a special non-sticky dab-tool) and voilà: It's time for dabbing!

The 'Oil Black Leaf' heat press has an anti-static ceramic tourmaline coating, which ensures a particularly steady distribution of heat and reduces static electricity. Thereby, the adhesion of the valuable concentrate is reduced. In addition, combustion of the material is avoided by the infrared heat protection.

The extra large plates range allows to take a larger amount of herb-material to be extracted. The LED control light indicates, when 180° C (356° F) is reached. With this rosin tech press, it lasts about 30-50 seconds to reach this temperature. By using the arrow keys, the temperature can be easily digitally reduced as needed, down to 150° C (302° F) or, if wanted, to increase.

Additonally, the press can be used to heat-seal bags with iron press closure.

Of course, this 'Oil Black Leaf' Rosin Press can be used as hair straightener, too! With CE-sign.

Download electrical safety instructions-PDF

More information about smoking oil or essence you will find at this infopage.

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Brand Oil Black Leaf

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