Oil-Kit No. 1 'Make & enjoy'

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Info: 'Oil Black Leaf' 'Silly' Silicone Ball
'Oil Black Leaf' 'Silly' Silicone Tool
'Oil Black Leaf' Carb Cap Dabber
'Black Leaf T2' Oil Nail with Central Tube
'Raw' Parchment Paper Rolls 100mm
'Carrera' Iron


This dabber starter-kit from 'Oil Black Leaf' contains all the necessary items for the easiest way to produce and consume own cannabis concentrate. Because of this extraction method with heat and pressure which is called rosin-technique, the precious extract obtained is called rosin.
Only required is dry herbal material (approx. 0,2-0,3g) which has to be compressed into a tight little ball. This ball is put into the once folded parchment paper of 'Raw'. Then this packet is placed in the pre-heated extraction iron and has to be pressed together at 150-180°C (302-356°F) until a hiss after about 4 seconds will announce the successful extraction.
When unfolding the parchment paper, you can remove the pressed herbs and see the extracted resin. Scrape off the valuable resin from the paper using the vape scraper of ‘Silly’ and store it in the also included silicone container which is anti-sticking. This extraction method is not only fast and extremely simple, but also very safe, because there is no handling with explosive gas. It is therefore the ideal starter set for beginners of dabbing.
To enjoy the resin, place the 'Black Leaf' titanium oil nail by using a suitable adapter instead of the bowl on a bong. Then heat the oil nail and pan with a jet burner until it glows red. Put a small amount of resin by using the dabber tool of the carp cap from 'Black Leaf', then turn it around and cover the oil nail with the carp cap. Inhale the smoke slowly and evenly. For another little kick, the carp cap can be lifted at the end.

Attention: Short-term change of single parts in this package.

Download electrical safety instructions-PDF

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Brand Oil Black Leaf

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