Oil-Kit No. 3 'Enjoy your dab'

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Info: 'Oil Black Leaf' 'Silly' Silicone Box
'Oil Black Leaf' 'Silly' Silicone Tool
'Oil Black Leaf' Carb Cap Dabber
'Black Leaf T2' Titanium Oil Pan
'Cane Gun' Mouthpiece clear


This dab kit of 'Oil Black Leaf' provides everything the user needs to enjoy oil and wax appropriately. First, place the titanium oil nail at the opening for the bowl of the ‘Cane-Gun’. After that, heat the nail preferably by a jet-burner until the oil pan glows red. Then put a small amount of oil on the pan with the dabber tool of the carp cap, turn it and place the carp cap over the nail.
Inhale slowly the smoke of the vaporized substance. At the end you can have a little extra kick by lifting up the carp cap. The ‘Cane-Gun’ hand pipe and the oil nail and carp cap can easily be cleaned with a special cleaning concentrate for water pipes, rigs and bongs.
The sticky oil extracts are preserved best in the enclosed little silicone container, because the precious essences will not get stuck here. The vape scraper is a useful tool for handling the precious oil extracts.

Attention: Short-term change of single parts in this package.

Additional Information

Brand Oil Black Leaf
Material Glass
Length 200-250mm
Demountable yes
Colour -29 blue

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