Black Leaf Oil Series


To inhale Hash oil (BHO) or Cannabis concentrates, like Wax you can use any bong with a suitable oil-rig attachment. In order to get the very best out of the extracts: see our 'Black Leaf Oil' range 'Black Leaf Paraphernalia' and our Hash Oil Bongs from 'Blaze Glass'

The procedure is always the same: you need to heat an 'Oil-Needle' or Oil-Rig. And then dab some cannabis oil or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) with dabbing spoon or stick, while taking a pull on the bong. Its best to heat until red hot, than wait 5-10 seconds until the glowing has stopped. The oil shouldn't splatter when its dabbed, if it does the nail or rigs pan is too hot, or there maybe impurities in the oil.

When smoking oil a normal lighter is insufficient for heating the needle or rig, so a 'Jet Flame' lighter is required, because it comes with a powerful blue flame and won't get too hot itself, even after long periods of use.

Lastly a tip from one of our biggest fans!
"Don't ever use cold water in your 'Oil-Bong'. Cold water makes the oil-vapor solidify, back in to a thick sticky particles, which become stuck to the insides of the bong or suspended in the water, wasting far too much."


What equipment is needed to 'Dab Hash Oil'?

  • A glass-adapter (or coupler) (see our 'Black Leaf' bong adapters - or 'Oil' attachments) with a range glass bong compatible Sure Ground sizes. There are different versions: straight-neck, 45° angled-neck, big & small, with two matching grinding sizes or multiple (SG 14 & SG 19) sure ground sizes. Alternatively you could use a Pre-Cooler add-on from our 'Black Leaf Oil' series, which makes the smoke more mild.
  • An Oil-Needle or Oil-Rig. Here you can choose between four varieties: Borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, quartz glass, stainless steel or Titanium. Since the Oil-Nail has a pan for the oil, it's best to be heated, ideally with a small gas burner or 'Jet-Flame lighter'. The most heat-maintaining and break-proof material is Titanium, followed by steel and quartz, then comes the borosilicate glass. But whatever material it is made of: You insert the Oil-Nail into the bong adapter before the heating.
  • Since the Oil-Needle/Oil-Nail is very hot, the oil will be vaporise immediately, giving off vapor when dabbed on to the pan. To avoid lost, a vapor capture dome must be quickly be placed over the Oil-Nail or Oil-Needle, prior to inhaling.

Alternatives to Oil Rigs, Needles & Vapor Dome: Glass 'Oil' Bowls

As an alternative to the multi-piece setup described above, you can also choose one of our 'Black Leaf Oil' bowls.

These glass bong bowls have a colored dye in the bowls inner wall where the oil dabbed and the vapour-vents are. They come straight or angled-neck and in two grinding sizes (SG 14 & SG 19).

Accessories: Oil Dabbing Tools & Dispensing Dishes

Hash Oil is expensive and as you only need one droplet. In order to ensure none of this precious essence gets wasted, handling requires the right equipment.

Therefore the 'Oil' series includes the necessary utensils, again made of borosilicate glass and stainless steal, like the below; oil bowl, oil spoon and dabbing tools, for example. Also worthy of a mention: The dabbing tools from 'Happy Daddy'.