'Black Leaf T2' Oil Pan Titanium

PU 1pc


Weight: 0.04 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Titanium Grade 2
Color: silver
Print: Black Leaf T2
Length: 62mm
Diameter: 19mm (Oil Pan)
Grind: SG 14/19 (14,5mm/18,8mm (female)
Reference: Smoke dome unnecessarily


This oil-nail is made of high quality titanium grade 2. A special feature of this oil nail is that it's suitable as an attachment for the SG 14 and 19. EO NT 02 is an oil-nail for dome less use with 5 holes in the oil bowl into which the smoke of the evaporating oil is drawn. So a smoke dome is not necessary. The oil bowl can be removed for easy cleaning.Oil-nails will be heated with a butane burner, until the metal is red hot. Let the nail cool down a little bit until the glowing disappears and then add your oil/concentrate to the tip. Titanium is the mostly used material for medical use because it is long living and free of emissions.

The Oil-Nail must be heated only on the top, otherwise the grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the nail.

Here you can get more informations about ‘dabbing’ >>>

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf