'Black Leaf' Icebong Perkolator

PU 1pc

SKU: GPER 40-35

Weight: 0.566 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Glass
Color: clear/black
Print: 'Black Leaf' 'Fly'
Height: 300mm
Diameter: 38mm
Grind: SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm), inside cut
Wall Thickness: 3,2mm
Percolator: Treepercolator
ICE: yes
Kickhole: no
Oil: no


Percolator Bong from 'Black Leaf' with ice nodules, tree percolator, diffusor downpipe and Pre-Cooler.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Glass
Hight 300-400mm
Diameter 40-50mm
Standard grinding SG 19 (18,8mm)
Wallthickness 3-5mm
Ice yes
Kickhole no
Perculator/ Diffusor yes
Coloured yes
Print yes
Oil no
Colour -29 blue

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