Pure Exitus' Hardcore Absinthe 70% Vol.

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'Pure Exitus' is a crystal-clear and pure Blanche from the Absinthe EXITUS-Family. The best ingredients and hand-selected herbs give it it's characteristic bitter taste and anis flavour. This 'Pure Exitus' Absinthe makes great cocktails and mixed drinks and is made without adding any sugar or dyes.

ATTENTION: DonÉt drink it pure!

Traditional Preparation:
This hardcore Absinthe should be only drunk diluted with 2-3 parts water. Sweeten to taste, by adding 1-2 cubes of sugar.

Produkt details:
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Alcohol Strength: 70% Vol.
  • Special: no added sugar, no dyes
  • Made in Germany

  • Sales recommendation: 27.90€

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    Brand Black Leaf