'Raw' Conical Tubes Lean

PU 800x1pc

SKU: 47 17 92

Weight: 0.858 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Natural Raw Fibres
Length: 110mm (King Size)
Other: Filter 40mm
Quality: Unbleached, chlorine-free
Info: PU 800x1pc


Cones for filling are becoming increasingly popular, as many consumers have discovered how quickly and easily even beginners can conjure perfect doobies. The cones of 'RAW' are of course like all products of 'RAW' unbleached and made of pure natural, vegan raw fibers. They contain no chemicals and are produced according to the 'RAW' philosophy environmentally friendly, sustainable and without genetic modifications.

The 'RAW'-Cones are as good as tasteless and burn off slowly. In this 'Lean' edition, the cones are very lean and have a 40mm long filter tip. This makes them ideal for pure smoking or as a quick sticky for the short smoker break.

Additional Information

Brand RAW

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