Rosewood Grinder 'OM' 2-part carved w. Inlay

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Rosewood, Soapstone
Motive/Design: Om
Setup: 2-part
Diameter: 45mm
Height: 23mm
System: Pins


Rosewood Grinder 'OM' 2-part carved w. Inlay - These grinders are made of Rosewood, with stone inlay and are of, top class quality.

Carved into the stone inlay is the 'OM' design.

With Steel Pin Teeth.

We absolutely guarantee quality on this product.

Additional Information

Brand ---
Material Wood
Diameter 40-50mm
Structure 2-part
Teeth Metall teeth
Print yes
Window no
Colour N/A
Print N/A