'RYOT' Multi Utility Tool Stainless Steel

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Hardened Stainless Steel
Color: black
Print: RYOT Logo
Size: 82x32x30mm
Supplies: Silicone Protective Covering


The multi utility tool from the American brand 'RYOT' offers all the tools which are needed for smoking and dabbing: Bottle opener/flat head driver, grinder, cleaning blade, curved scoop, concentrate fork, silicone scoop, detail hook, poker, flat scoop and a tamper.
With this multi-tool, the user is well prepared on the move. It is manufactured very precise ​of stainless steel. The utility tool comes in a protective silicone covering with smooth touch surface which has an integrated storage compartment for non-sticky properties.

RYOT® Utility Tool from Volo Trading on Vimeo.

Additional Information

Brand Ryot

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