'RYOT' 'SmellSafe' 'HeadCase'

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Plastic
Color: various colours
Print: RYOT Logo
Size: 152x89mm


The improved RYOT HeadCase with SmellSafe technology is a hard case transport system including removable Fresh Pod which brings an extra dose of portable functionality for everything from smaller hand pipes to vaporizers and much more!

’RYOT SmellSafe is an activated carbon absorption technology where microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create an odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted odors from escaping. Combined with the SmellSafe moisture seal zipper, RYOT Pack and Protect has you ready to roll!

  • Dimensions 152x89mm
  • SmellSafe odor blocking technology
  • Soft wall memory style padding
  • Heavy duty molded shell
  • Removable Fresh Pod’
  • Interior pocket for cash, cards and ID
  • Secure external zipper closure with pull tab
  • Quick clip carabiner

  • Additional Information

    Brand Ryot

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