'Ryot' 'SmellSafe' 'Piper' 'NoGoo' Bag

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.18 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Nylon
Color: various colours
Print: Ryot Logo
Size: 203x76x76mm


The revised version of the ‘Piper’ transport bag has the ‘Ryot’ ‘SmellSafe’ Technology and a 'NoGoo' silicone mat. The padding is reinforced and with thicker memory style foam and a silicone mat has been integrated as rolling and dabbing surface. Therefore, the ‘Piper' is one of the most multifunctional and safest transport systems for hand pipes and small hubble bubbles.

The ‘Ryot’ ‘SmellSafe’ is an activated carbon absorption technology where microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create an odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted odors from escaping - combined with the ‘SmellSafe’ moisture seal zipper.

  • Dimensions 203x76x76mm
  • ’SmellSafe’ odor blocking technology
  • High quality 'NoGoo' silicone mat
  • Dab tools storage pocket
  • Antimicrobial microfibres
  • Soft wall memory style padding
  • Rugged exterior
  • Magnetically closed roll tray/ closure
  • Hi-tech freshness pouch with SmellSafe zipper closure
  • Removable interior seperation pad
  • External accessory pocket
  • Secure external zipper with pull tab
  • RYOT® SmellSafe™ Piper with NoGoo™ Platinum Silicone from Volo Trading on Vimeo.

    Additional Information

    Brand Ryot

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