'Satya' Incense Sticks 'Vishwa Shanti'

PU 12x20g

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Weight: 0.48 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Sandalwood
Print: Satya
Aroma: Vishwa Shanti, soft, sweet
Info: Content 12x20g
Other: Place of origin is India


Satya 'Vishwa Shanti' Joss sticks are a type of incense, traditionally, most often burned before an Indian religious image, idol, Buddha statue, or shrine.

In modern days, the burning of joss sticks can be used for any type of purpose, such as to enhance the smell of a room. Light the incense stick on top, blow out the flame and fit the stick in a incenst stick holder. The glowing top and the hot ash don’t bring in contact with flammable things. Don’t let the sticks burn without supervision.

Additional Information

Brand Satya

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