Silicon Hose red Yard Ware

PU 1m

SKU: HBS 17-28

Weight: 0.17 kg

Quick Overview

Color: red
Length: ab 1m
Diameter: outer 17mm


This Silicon tubing is particularly durable and washable.
Ideal for Shisha or Hookah and multi (Party) Bong hoses.

  • Wall Thickness: WT 3mm

  • Additional Information

    Brand ---
    Material N/A
    Hight N/A
    Diameter <20mm
    Standard grinding N/A
    Wallthickness N/A
    Ice N/A
    Kickhole N/A
    Perculator/ Diffusor N/A
    Coloured N/A
    Print N/A
    Oil N/A
    Colour N/A