Shisha green/yellow

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Color: green/yellow
Height: 600mm


A hookah for screwing together with precisely machined threads which interlock accurately. The lower part of the hookah is made of solid, blue-yellow coloured glass and offers a stable, secure stand. The shaft is – as well as the base grommet and the mouthtip – made of stainless steel. This decorative hookah has two hose adapter made of stainless steel. One of it is closed by an air purge valve, also made of stainless steel. For the hookah pleasure for two an additional hose can be connected quick and uncomplicated. The bowl suits to the glass base and is made of yellow painted clay and has five holes. Because the center of the bowl is higher and the holes are smaller than the hole of an one-hole bowl, these do not block so fast. By the glaze the hookah can be cleaned easily and keeps her taste neutrality. The bowl has a diameter of 60 mm. The hose is of imitation leather and has a length of 1. 75 m. By its design, the handle of plastic feels good in the hand. All necessary rubber grommets and coal tongs are included in scope of delivery.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Glass
Hight 600-700mm
Diameter <20mm
Standard grinding SG 14 (14,5mm)
Wallthickness <3mm
Ice yes
Kickhole yes
Perculator/ Diffusor yes
Coloured yes
Print yes
Oil yes
Colour -29 blue

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