Shisha 'Retro' black

PU 1pc

SKU: 56 06 10-35

Weight: 1.6 kg

Quick Overview

Material: stainless steel, glass and wood
Color: black
Height: 480mm
Supplies: Tong, Sieve, Brush, Plugs


An Egyptian hookah with oriental pattern on the glass base. The main smoke column is made of stainless steel and the base water-chamber is fitted with 2 hose connectors, one of which is closed with a the purge valve. Meaning, this Shisha can easily be fitted with a second hose. All parts are assembled using standard threads, so parts are interchangeable with other standard />
  • Wooden Mouth Piece and Connector
  • Inlets: 2 hose connectors
  • Assembled using: Standard Threads/li>
  • Accessories: charcoal tongs, metal screen, brush & 'O' ring seals

  • Additional Information

    Brand Aladin
    Material N/A
    Hight 400-500mm
    Diameter N/A
    Standard grinding N/A
    Wallthickness N/A
    Ice N/A
    Kickhole N/A
    Perculator/ Diffusor N/A
    Coloured N/A
    Print N/A
    Oil N/A
    Colour N/A