'Smoke Cubes' Ice Tray for Water Pipes

PU 1pc

SKU: 55 34 18-28

Weight: 0.19 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Food grade silicone
Color: Red/black
Height: Cube 50mm
Diameter: Cube 30mm


With the 'Smoke Cubes' Ice Tray, ice cubes can be made for waterpipes and be placed inside the pipe's tube to cool the smoke. The smoke is drawn through the ice tunnels inside the ice cubes. This way, it is exposed to a lot more cold as when it runs around the much warmer surface of the cubes. An efficient way of cooling! Reusable, easy to clean, dish washer safe and heat resistant up to 104° C/220° F.

Once frozen: pop out desired amount of cubes and drop them into your water pipe to be caught on the ice catch. 'Smoke Cubes' trays are designed to allow ice cubes to be stacked without interference to airflow.

Additional Information

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