Tom Cococha' Coconut Charcoal, 1kg, blue

PU 1kg

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Weight: 1.18 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Coconut shells
Size: 25x25x15mm


'Tom Cococha' Coconut Shell Charcoal (1kg, blue) are made from 100% coconut shells, not wood, making it a renewable source of charcoal. It burns 2 times longer than other wood based charcoals, so its more economical plus an environmentally friendly product. This 1kg pack contains ca. 72 bricks, which burn longer than any quick-light charcoal.

This product can be used for water pipes, like shishas & hookahs, but also does a very nice barbecue. Made in Indonesia. Productdetails: Fixed Carbon min.75% / Moisture max.6% / Volatile Matter max.20% / Ash max.5%.

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Brand Black Leaf