'Trip Buddy' 6-part Grinder + Stick ,Box

PU 1pc

SKU: 52 02 03

Weight: 0.14 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Aluminum
Color: black
Height: 122mm
Diameter: 31mm
System: Diamond shaped
Setup: 6part


It looks like an technical equipment, but is a grinder. The 'Trip Buddy' is builded in 6 parts, the 7 piece is a handlingtool, hidden in the transportmodul. Composition: bottom, screen, grinder base, grinder upper part and transportbox. In this modul you find a separeted area for an one hitter, the handlingtool and space for storage the herbage.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Aluminium
Diameter 30-40mm
Structure 2-part
Teeth Diamond-shaped Teeth
Print no
Window no
Colour -29 blue
Print N/A