VapoCane B Set - SG 14.5mm


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Weight: 0.11 kg

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Color: clear
Supplies: inkl. 5 Metal Sieve
Grind: 14,5mm


This mechanical vaporiser makes a vaporizer from any bong with a standard grinding inlet.
The Vapocane works best on pipes with a cooling system like the Hurricane.
The process of vaporizing extracts the aromatic substances from the dried plant material without toxic impurities resulting from burning.
The VapoCane is a patented vaporising attachment which fits all standard ground glass bongs with a 14.5mm or SG 18.8mm inlet.
The VapoCane comes with a detailed instruction manual in German, English & Spanish and are available from Near Dark.

Patent pending direct and indirect use of the flame is possible.
  • Standard Grinding: 14.5mm

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