'Vaporite' 'Platinum' 3in1 Combo Vaporizer

PU 1pc

SKU: V-Q03-29

Weight: 0.3 kg

Quick Overview

Color: blue
Length: 165mm
Diameter: 14mm
Oil: yes
System: Closed Herb Chamber
Power: Integrated 900mA/h Lithium-Accu, USB-Plug (5Volt)
Supplies: USB-Plug, Herb Chamber with Ceramic Filter,
Oil/Resin Chamber, Multi-wick Clearomizer


The 'Vaporite' 'Platinum' 3in1 Combo Vaporizer has a herb chamber, a wax and oil chamber as well as an e-liquid chamber.

Herb chamber: The upper part with mouthpiece can be unscrewed to insert the spare ceramic screen on top of the heating coil. The ceramic screen prevents that the herbs are being combusted. Then the herb chamber can be filled with the herbs. Don't pack too tightly. Optionally, the spiral in the middle part of the attachment can be removed so that the herbs don't get squeezed. In the mouthpiece is an additional ceramic filter for a clean aroma.

Wax and oil chamber: The wax and oil attachment made of borosilicate glass with ceramic pan is screwed on the 'Vaporite' and the mouthpiece removed to be filled with the tool.

E-Liquid chamber: To use the 'Vaporite' 'Platinum' as E-cigarette, take the so-called Multi-Wick Cearomizer. Remove the mouthpiece and fill the chamber which has a scale from 0,2ml - 1,6ml. The vaporizer should be held in an angle of 45 degrees. The great thing about the Clearomizer is the possibility of control. You can always see if enough liquid is left to prevent accidential burning which occurs when there is not enough liquid in the chamber.

The difference to the usual cigarette is that there is no combustion of tobacco or plants. The vape is supposed to give the sensory feeling of smoking.

When using the 'Vaporite' Vaporizer it is important to inhale slowly and softly to let the flavour unfurl properly. For charging, the integrated accu is screwed on the USB-plug and can be connected with the USB port of the computer or with a USB mains adaptor. Befor use, let the 'Vaporite' charge for 6 hours, after that charging time is ca. 2 hours. The automatic shut-off takes place after 15secs without use of the device. With CE-sign.

Additional Information

Brand Vaporite
Device size S-pocket
Oil yes
Plug USB Plug
Colour -29 blue
Gebrauchsanleitung N/A

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