Vaporiser 'Extreme Q' 110-220V

PU 1pc


Weight: 1.51 kg

Quick Overview

Size: 170x160mm
System: Convection, Closed Ceramic Chamber
Oil: For Herbs
Power: 110 - 220V, Mains Adapter with Schuko Plug EU-Standard
Warranty: 2 Years Warranty


'Extreme Q' Vaporizer with remote control, 110-220V, high-quality built-in heating chamber, LCD display. With this vaporizer, the temperature is adjustable from 50° - 260° Celsius.

This vaporizer also can be used for aromatherapy or as a Hookah (using the special Shisha mode). The 'Extreme Q' Vaporizer can be used with the included balloons or with a hose. Made in Canada.

Scope of supply:
  • 1pc evaporator unit
  • 1pc mains adapter with EU-Schuko plug
  • 1pc remote control
  • 2pcs balloons incl. adapter for balloon
  • 1pc adapter for balloon
  • 1pc angle connection for balloon incl. screen
  • 1pc hose incl. glass angle connection and mouthpiece
  • 2pcs glass mouthpiece
  • 1pc potpourri bowl
  • 2pcs herb bowl incl. screens
  • screens for filling chamber
  • 1pc glass cleaning poker
  • 1pc potpourri
  • 1pc user manual in de, en

  • Additional Information

    Brand Arizer
    Device size L-tabletop unit
    Oil no
    Plug EU-Standard Plug
    Colour -29 blue
    Gebrauchsanleitung N/A

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