'Waxy! Tube' Extractor 50g

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Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear
Print: Waxy!
Length: 250mm
Diameter: 44mm
Wall Thickness: 3,2mm
Info: Suitable for 50g Plant Material
Reference: Attention: Do not overfill or pack tightly!
The use of the 'Waxy! Tube' Extractor is at your own risk!


Extract herbs of your choice with the 'Waxy! Tube' Extractor! The glass BHO-extraction tube to produce oil and wax is made in Germany!

The plant material should be extremely dry. Please, always take the indicated quantity and fill the tube loosely - never overfill or pack too tightly!

To close the big opening of the extractor, you can use the 'Waxy!' 'X3' Screen (order no. 44 05 34, 44 05 35) made of stainless steel which is available with various mesh widths. We recommend the use of plastic cable straps to fix the screen. Plastic cable straps are unfortunately not available in our range. The opening with the screen is held downward and above a heat-resistant collecting tray with non-stick coating. A butane gas bottle is attached to the other end of the extractor and pressed until the bottle is empty. The extracting liquid is collected in the tray. The gas evaporates more quickly when the tray is placed in a warm water bath.

As a good alternative, you can also use the 'Waxy' PTFE Sheet (order no. 50 10 03). Put it into the heat-resistant tray. When the oil has cooled down, simply take the sheet out of the tray and spread it on a flat surface. This way, it can be easily be taken off the sheet.

Attention: The use of the 'Waxy! Tube' Extractor is at your own risk!

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Brand waxy

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