'XMAX' V2 Pro Vaporizer

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Quick Overview

Print: X-Max V2
Color: Different colours
Height: 155mm
Diameter: 24mm
Oil: yes
System: Closed, Ceramic Heating Chamber
Power: 2200mA/h Lithium-Ion Accu, 3,7V
Supplies: Charging Cable with USB Port, EU-Standard Power Plug (Input: 100-240V, Output: 5,0V, 500mA/h),
mouthpiece with filter, oil 4 sieves,
tools, brush, tweezer
Reference: Manual in DE, EN
Info: Temperature adjustable in 5 steps:
180° C/ 356° F, 190° C/374° F,
200° C/392° F, 210° C/410° F
und 220° C/428° F
Warranty: 2 years warranty


The 'XMAX' V2 Pro Vaporizer can be used for herbs as well as oil and wax with the additional stainless steel chamber. For quick selection, the temperature levels are indicated on the vaporizer's case. There are 5 temperature levels: 180° C/ 356° F (red), 190° C/374° F (blue), 200° C/392° F (green), 210° C/410° F (purple) and 220° C/428° F (white). The LED light will flash while heating up and will be stable when reaching the selected temperature. The vaporizer will automatically shut-off after 3mins without use. With CE-sign.

Identical in construction to the 'Storm' Vaporizer Pen, order no. 53 29 30-35.

Additional Information

Brand xmax

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