'Ziggi'® Paper Rolls 'Wide' + Tips

PU 15x1pc

SKU: ZG 1549

Weight: 0.34 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Natural Gum (arabicum)
Size: 53x4000mm
Quality: Ultra Thin
Info: PU 15rolls à 4000mm + 40tips


'Ziggyi'® Rolling Paper Rolls 'Wide' 53mm + Tips These packs are both filter-tips and joint rolling paper in a roll. With about 4 metres (13 feet) of wide ultra thin translucent and watermarked joint rolling paper and 40 tips, there is more than enough to get the party going. As with all 'Ziggyi® Papers' smoking products its 'high grade equipment'.

Product Details:
  • Format: Wide (53mm)
  • Material: Wood Fibre
  • Gum: natural Arabic gum
  • Dimensions: Pack 60x33x22mm
  • Packaging: Counter Display-box with Rolling Paper Rolls 'Wide' 53mm + Tips
  • Production: Made in Slovenia

  • Additional Information

    Brand Ziggi