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Buy wholesale Jointtubes 100mm green

Jointtubes 100mm green

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Near Dark Wholesale Headshop & Paraphernalia

Welcome at the Near Dark Website.

We always offer lots of new & innovative headshop & smoke shop products to retailers. Please check the newest products and bi-weekly 'Slashed Prices' categories after logging into our business customers area. If you are new here, you will need a business account to see the prices and to order. Please use this Request Account form.

End customers looking to buy our products retail, we would recommend:
'Black Leaf Paraphernalia' - Where you will find most of our products.

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Near Dark GmbH is a wholesale Head shop and Smoking Paraphernalia supplier, selling to Headshop's smoking retailers, tobacconists, outlets, dealers, online shops and distributors, worldwide. Retail customers interested in our products should buy from: 'Black Leaf Paraphernalia' - or ask their local Headshop or smoke-shop, whether retail or online store, to request our latest, full colour catalogue, or contact one of our trade partners to purchase, from their retail outlet or web shop.


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SA 524
14% off
40 30 71
22% off
40 30 72
24% off
GPER 045
9% off
50 04 14
23% off
BLA B 01
25% off
50 22 60
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SA 788
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SA 712
35% off
HBS 17-25
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HBS 17-35
31% off
SA HBS 17-40
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SA HBS 17-34
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SA HBS 17-38
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SA HBS 17-26
40% off
SA HBS 17-00
50% off
TT A-01
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TT A-02
14% off
TT A-03
14% off
TT A-04
14% off
TT A-05
14% off
TT A-06
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TT A-07
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TT A-08
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TT A-09
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TT A-10
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TT A-11
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