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Buy wholesale 'BL' Groove-Grinder 4-part

'BL' Groove-Grinder 4-part

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Hashish Grinder from 'Black Leaf' black 4Pc

Buy wholesale Hashish Grinder from 'Black Leaf' black 4Pc - 43 02 09-H
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PU 1pc
Weight: 0.08kg
Order No.:
43 02 09-H
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'Black Leaf' Al. Grinder with 'Hashish' print

This magnetic, CNC machined Aluminium Grinder from 'Black Leaf' has diamond-shaped shredding teeth and belongs to the 'Hashish' series. Besides this grinder the 'Hashish' (written in Arabic script) product line includes; Acrylic Bongs and various other items such as; Clipper Lighters, T-shirts, Filter-Tips as well as the documentary film 'Hashish' about hash production in Morocco - all available at Near Dark.

Product Details:
  • Magnet Fastener/li>
  • Shredding Teeth: Diamond Shaped
  • Colour: black
  • Motif: 'Hashish' in Arabic
  • Construction: 4 part (Lid, Nylon Friction Ring, Pollen Screen, Pollen Compartment)

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