'Black Leaf' 'Jopi' Magnetic Pipe glossy

PU 1pc

SKU: #46 04 00

Weight: 0.136 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Metal
Color: Various Colours
Length: 97mm
System: 3-part
Info: Comes in a Case


The magnetic hand pipe 'Jopi' from 'Black Leaf' is super practical and gives an intense, pure smoking experience. The flat metal pipe is ideal for pure smoking as well as delicious tobacco and herbal mixtures, because the spacious bowl offers enough space. A screen is not needed because of the special construction. Despite the capacity of the bowl, the pipe has pocket size.

Overall, the pipe consists of 3 parts, which are held together only by an extremely strong magnet. Therefore it is very easy to disassemble which makes cleaning more than simple. Wipe the 3 parts regularly and that's it! If strongly tared, you can also use alcohol or a suitable cleaning solution.

When you are on the go ,the bowl and its contents always remain securely closed by the magnetically secured lid! And do not worry, the metal will be warmer during use but will not run hot! It stays cool for holding. The screen-free metal pipe comes in a sturdy hard case, which provides extra space for a lighter or your smoking mixture.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Metal
Length <100mm
Demountable yes

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