'Black Leaf' Bamboo Stoner Box II

PU 1pc

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Weight: 1.03 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Bamboo, lacquert
Print: Black Leaf
Size: 70x215x195mm
Reference: Maße Pollenbox: 130x75x50mm
Info: Verschluss magnetisch


The Stoner Box II from 'Black Leaf' is made of lacquered Bamboo. It has everything joint and pipe smokers could wish for. Even a 3 piece removable silk-screen pollen box with a dark acrylic shinny floor. In the lid, a place to store your King Size joint papers. With separate compartments for; a Grinder, Filter Tips and lighters and of course lots of storage space. It also features a sliding & removable joint rollers 'V' tray. All held shut by magnetic closures to ensure that nothing falls out accidentally.

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Brand Black Leaf