Marijuana Grow Basics' Jorge Cervantes

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'The Easy Guide for Cannabis Aficionados'
Jorge's clear & easy to follow guide explains to Cannabis growers, tips & techniques on how cultivate the ultimate crop of the most potent cannabis possible. He describes how to grow less plants but still with that higher yield, including the "Sea of Green" and the "Screen of Green" techniques - with explanatory photo-based instructions on how to grow a 12 week crop from seed and a 10 week crop from clones. Growing under CFL, HID, and LED lights has never been simpler. Even first time growers are guaranteed a bumper harvest!

This practical, helpful book is packed with 760 full-colour illustrations and photographs that show and explain more than 150 affordable marijuana growing setups. Become an expert on grow rooms and internet security, feminized seeds, seedlings, cloning, mother plants, singling out male and female plants early, peak "sinsemilla" harvest, as well as manicuring, drying and curing your crop for highest potency.

Purchase only the growing equipment you need - hydroponics or soil, lights, CO2, meters, fans & filters - to maximise your crops. Design and set up your grow room with supplies from your local DIY store or garden centre. Plus troubleshoot problems and control common pests & diseases!

Product Details:
  • Author: Jorge Cervantes
  • Contents: 760 full-colour illustrations & photographs
  • Language: GERMAN
  • ISBN: 978-3-03788-197-2

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