'Black Leaf' 'OIL' Attachment SG 14

PU 1pc

SKU: EO 10

Weight: 0.07 kg

Quick Overview

Color: clear
Print: Oil Black Leaf
Height: 85mm
Diameter: 12mm (Rauchrohr)
Grind: 14,5mm


This is glass bong attachment that can be used to vaporizer Cannabis & other essential oils. It has a SG 14 sure ground friction fit, a 60° bend and a lever operated metal pan, so works perfectly on any standard glass bong. In use, the metal pan is heated from underneath while oil or herbs are added to the pan. This produces a gentle evaporation process - similar to a vaporizer. Smokers that have a SG 19 glass bong can bridge the difference with an adapter.

Additional Information

Brand Oil Black Leaf