Stash Can Tin Big 800g, Büchsenmilch

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Tinplate, Paperprint
Print: Russian Evaporated Milk, russian label
Height: 120mm
Diameter: 100mm
Info: Volume 750 ml.
Supplies: Plastic lined Interior


At first glance, one would expect a can of evaporated milk from Russia, but that's what makes this such effective Stash can! This 'Russian Evaporated Milk' Stash Can is the discreet solution for hiding money, jewellery, USB sticks, keys and other things that should not to be found. This large stash can has an original food tin label, an invisible screw cap and holds about 750 ml.

Attention: These are original cans. The cans can show slight dents or traces of usage!

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