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Calumet Deluxepipe Maple Purpipe Size M

Order number: 1607167-4

Delivery time 1 Workdays

EAN: 4251403332359
PU 1pc
Weight 0.389 kg

Short description

Wood, Maple
Calumet Logo
3 Activated Carbon Filter,
Spoon Screen, Hemp Wick,
User Manual in EN
For 8mm Filters
100% biodegradable, Made in Germany
The very luxurious as well as robust 'Spiritpipes' of Calumet make smoking naturally a cult.... more
The very luxurious as well as robust 'Spiritpipes' of Calumet make smoking naturally a cult. They impressively reflect the spirit of the manufacturer who produces with a great passion for wood and in deep connection with nature these deluxe pipes in Germany by hand - from the first to the last touch.

For choosing the wood Calumet puts the utmost importance to the responsible handling and sustainability of natural resources. Each pipe of Calumet becomes unique through the respective grain of the used wood and the perfected form of the noble surface finish. To seal the wooden pipes high-quality linseed oil is used.

Of course, this beautiful pipe has the Calumet specific 3-part plug system which allows a quick separation of the three pipe components mouthpiece, pipe body and bowl. So cleaning the pipe is very easy. The mouthpiece has a built-in filter chamber and fits common activated carbon filter with 8mm diameter. These prevent the mouthpiece from getting dirty and filter unwanted substances from the smoke, so that it tastes much smoother. Thus, the Deluxepipe also meets the requirements of modern pipe smokers. With regular cleaning, every deluxe pipe from Calumet can be smoked indefinitely in continuous use.

The luxury wooden pipe is packed in a beautiful wooden box with an integrated, very practical pipe stand. On the lid of the 'treasure chest', the cool Calumet logo is engraved. Additionally, there is a screen of Black Leaf® , an actiTube activated carbon filter, and a natural fuse made of beeswax from BioFlame on top. The deluxe pipe of Calumet is THE highlight for every connoisseur of natural consumption.
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