'BL Premium' Al. Grinder 4-part with Vibration

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.15 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium
Color: silver
Print: BL Premium/BL In Weed We Trust Logo
Setup: 4-part
Diameter: 53mm
Height: 56mm
System: Diamond-cut Teeth
Supplies: Scraper, Velvet Bag
Info: Battery operated Vibrator


'BL Premium' grinder with built in vibrator. The vibration starts at the push of the small button on the outside of the base and this allows much more of the pollen to fall into the catch compartment. The vibrator works with a CR 2450 coin cell. The grinder is made of high quality CNC-machined aluminum, with nurred grip surfaces and sharp, diamond-shaped teeth. On the bottom chamber is the 'BL' 'In Weed We Trust' logo.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Aluminium
Diameter 50-60mm
Structure 4-part
Teeth Diamond-shaped Teeth
Print no
Window no
Colour -29 blue
Print N/A