BHO Oil Extractor

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.23 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Plastic
Color: blue/red/black/green
Height: 240mm
Diameter: 68mm
Reference: Attention: No choice of colour possible!
Info: Use with coffee filter is recommended!


BHO Oil Extractor - the herbs of your choice should be completely dry and are loosely filled in the extractor. A round coffee filter is placed inside the lid with holes which is screwed on the extractor. The extractor is held with the lid downward above a heat-resistant, non-stick tray made from glass or silicone and the butane gas bottle is attached to the hole at the top and completely emptied. Gas and extracted liquid is gathered in the tray. The butane gas should be gone within 24 hours.The coffee filter is not included in the delivery.

Attention: The use of the BHO Oil Extractor is at own risk! The seller can not be made responsible for damages resulting from the use and/or abuse of the product.

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