'Black Leaf' 3 Tips for 3/4/5mm Filters

PU 1x3pcs

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Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear
Print: BL-Logo
Length: 30mm
Diameter: 6/7/8mm outer, 3/4/5mm inner
Info: PU 1x3pcs in Tin


The 'Black Leaf' handmade borosilicate glass tips have 3 different diameters for medium, thin and extremely thin self-rolled cigarettes. The mouthpiece is then rolled into the paper. A activated carbon filtertube or a filter tip can be applied to the mouthpiece beforehand. As cigarette holder with ergonomic mouthpiece, the 'Black Leaf' Tips ensures pure pleasure with style - no taste of paper, no softened end piece anymore!

'Black Leaf' Tips for 7mm and 9mm filter cartridges will soon be available in our range!

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf

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