'Canamix' Grinder Ash with Beechwood Pins

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.08 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Esche, Buchenholzstifte
Print: Canamix
Setup: 2-tlg.
Diameter: 77mm
Height: 28mm
System: Stifte


Handmade, absolutely natural 2-part grinder of 'Canamix'. This cruncher for dry herbs is fully, including the 22 grinding pins, made of domestic (German) ash trees.
The precision handwork allows effortless twisting in both directions, no snagging, no abrasion or splitter.
The result: Needs-based crushed regrind without any affecting health residues. The surface is food-safe sealed with rapeseed oil. With branding logo of 'Canamix' on the inside.

Additional Information

Brand canamix
Material Wood
Diameter >60mm
Structure 2-part
Teeth Metall teeth
Print yes
Window no
Colour -29 blue
Print N/A

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