'Jilter' 'Jiltip' Filter Tips S Perfo unbleached

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Size: 14x55mm
Reference: Unbleached and perforated
Info: Display with 28Booklets a 45Tips


'Jilter' 'Jiltip' Filter Tips S Perfo unbleached - these perforated filter tips can be used simply as tips for rollies.

Practical: The combination with the original 'Jilter' - the roll your own cigarette-filter. 'Jilter' has been designed as a self-made filter for reducing tar and nicotine. It prevents tobacco particles from entering the mouth as well as reduces tooth discoloration. 'Jilter' makes it easier to roll the cigarette, because the mouthpiece (filter tip) and 'Jilter' are a compact unity.

'Jiltip' and filter tip together have a length of 21mm.

Information about original 'Jilter' for download.

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Brand Jilter

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