'Noaks' Bag' Zip Lock Bag XS

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Quick Overview

Material: Nylon, tough
Print: 'Noaks'
Color: clear
Size: 110x50mm
Wall Thickness: 100µ
Reference: Waterproof, Odorproof, Food Safe, Reusable
Info: PU 1x5Bags


'Noaks' Bag' Zip Bag

waterproof - odorproof - food safe - reusable

The protective cover for all outdoor and water sports activities when it can get dirty and wet like festivals, working outside or canoeing! But also at home, the extremely robust double lip fastener is neither letting strong odor out, nor in. Which is why 'Noaks' Bag' is extraordinarily suitable to keep flavour intensive food fresh like coffee, tea, tobacco. Also a good alternative for freezing!

The protective bag with the special fastener and with multiple possible applications is abolutely waterproof and perfect for the storing of smartphones, cameras, tablet PCs, e-readers, spare accus, memory chips, traveling documents and much more. Cyclists and backpackers can not only find their way through stormy weather with the traditional map without it getting wet, but also touch screens can be used without problem!

Also on journeys with suitcase and on the beach, the extremely robust and dustproof, longlife and light sleeves are very helpful. In the 'Bag', body lotion and shampoo can not spill into the clothes. When the rucksack falls into the water, mobile phone, passport and air tickets are safe when they are packed in 'Noaks Bag'.

On the beach, water and sand can not do any harm to your camera or tablet - if you want to take a bath in the sea, just bury them in a 'Bag' in the sand and sign the location with a shell or a rucksack. Also provisions stay edible if protected from creepy-crawlies in the food safe 'Noaks' Bag'. And the foto under water is also possible, because the touch screen can be operated as usual through the sheet.

Technical data:
'Noaks' Bags' meets the IP safety class system IPX8 which means the bags are tested waterproof up to at minimum 10m. They have been tested according to standard specifications to create uniform comparable criteria. The IP (International Protection) safety class system indicates to what extent cases of electric devices can withstand outdoor environmental impact. The criteria are defined in the Norm DIN EN 60529: 2000-09.
'Noaks' Bags' are made of food safe, high-quality 100µm strong composite material. Food safety is tested in Europe according to EU-Directive 1935/2004 of the Direktive 2002/72/EG in connection with the Directive 10/2011.
Suitable for temperatures from -20°C to +100°C. Designed in Germany.

Additional Information

Print yes
Brand noaks

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