'RAW' 'The RAWLBOOK' Booklet w. Filter Tips

PU 1Booklet

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Material: Natural unrefined fibres
Size: Tips 60x17mm
Quality: Chemical and Chlorine-free
Info: PU 1Booklet with 480Tips


'RAW' 'The RAWLBOOK' Booklet with Filter Tips made of natural unrefined fibers free from chemicals and chlorine. The tips are smooth and easy to roll. They are made on an antique fourdrinier paper machine in Northern China; probably one of the last places to use a machine to produce the special long-fiber paper for 'RAW' tips. Modern paper mills use small-structure cellulose to make paper. The original paper mills used fiber instead. For tipping paper to perform best, it needs to be made from fiber. Fiber-based tips roll smooth AND have enough structural rigidity to both keep its shape in your mouth AND to not dissolve.

Windmill powered product
No genetically modified organisms
Gluten free
Vegan friendly product

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Brand RAW