'Black Leaf' Premium Gas Butane

PU 12x300ml

SKU: 50 24 09

Weight: 3.12 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Butane Gas
Info: Content 12x300ml
Supplies: With 5 different adapters
Reference: User Manual in de, en, es, fr, it, nl
Attention: Hazardous material transportation!


This 'Black Leaf' high-quality premium gas from Near Dark is a butane gas with near zero impurities, suitable especially for the extraction of herbs to generate BHO as well as for refilling lighters. The lighter refill cans have 5 different plastic dispensing adapters each.

Attention: The packaging of hazardous materials have to be designated with a tactile hazardous substance indicator for the blind or visually impaired people according to EN 272 to reduce health hazards. Hazardous substances without this indicator may not be generally made accessible. Every 'Black Leaf' butane gas can has a tactile hazardous substance indicator and can be displayed freely in the shop.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Print No
Colour No
Colour filterable No

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