Bong Master' 'Starter Kit' Cleaner

PU 12pcs

SKU: 12 25 04

Weight: 1.08 kg


The multisurface cleaner can be used for waterpipes, shishas, handpipes and vaporizers. It should not be used for cleaning synthetics and anodised parts. Give 1-2 teaspoons full into the bong, add hot water, wait 5 minutes and rinse. A kit contains 5x10g 'Bong Master' cleaning bags and 2 cleaning plugs suitable for SG 14 + SG 19.

Product Details:
  • Packing Unit: 12Kits

  • Reaction time: 5min
  • waterpipes, shishas, hand pipes and vaporizers
  • plastics and anodised parts
  • 2 cleaning plugs suitable for SG 14 + SG 19
  • PU 12pc 5x10gr

  • Additional Information

    Brand Bong Master